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Rational Reasoning and Fusion Formalisms and Techniques for Intelligent Decision Support


Reasoning and fusion formalism and techniques in decision making processes have been widely provided in the literature. Logically consistent and rational modelling, reasoning and fusion formalisms and techniques place a crucial support for intelligent decision making: to evaluate and explain empirical observations, justify original and creative theories to enhance their utility, and to make the decision support systems have intellectual force. This, however, is also a rather challenge research direction. The advances in reasoning and fusion always imply improvements or new methods in decision making.

This invited session aims at providing an opportunity for researchers working in those research areas to present and discuss a broad and diverse range of current work, including theoretical and applied research based on different paradigms, and in this way keep the development of new ideas and paradigms.

More specifically, we expect you to have any contribution with the focus on developing rational modelling, fusion and reasoning techniques for decision making purpose. The approaches could be either numerical or symbolic, or both; could be modelling, fusion and reasoning under uncertainty; exact or approximate reasoning, quantitative or qualitative uncertain reasoning and fusion formalism; conflict/inconsistency analysis among multiple piece of uncertain information; logical-based reasoning or fusion formalisms for decision making; practical applications of modelling, fusion and reasoning in information retrieval, filtering, diagnosis, prediction, classification, situation assessment etc.

Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts to this invited session. All papers submitted in this session will be peer-reviewed. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

We expect you to submit a tentative title of your paper and your contact details for this session before 20th December, 2009. Please submit your full paper contribution (4-6 pages) before January 15th, 2010 by email to either or


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Dr L. Martínez                                                    Dr  J. Liu

University of Jáen                                               School of Computing and Mathematics

Department of Computer Sciences                     Faculty of Computing and Engineering

Campus Las Lagunillas s/n                                  University of Ulster at Jordanstown

23071 Jaén, Spain                                               Northern Ireland, UK

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