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FLINTSTONES is a novel decision suite of tools to solve linguistic decision making problems based on the 2-tuple linguistic model and its extensions in order to deal with linguistic and complex frameworks. In this section, all release versions of FLINTSTONES are available in this section



FLINTSTONES has been developed using Java as programing language. Therefore, it runs in the majority of the Operative System (Windows and Linux) and other plataforms.

In order to run FLINTSTONES , it is only necessary to download and unpack the zip file and execute the flintstones.jar file. This file can be used on any machine with the Java Virtual Machine, independently of the operating system. It is necessary to have installed the version 6 of Java in the system that can be freely downloaded from

Available the first release version FLINTSTONES.V0 that is full open to manage decision making problems. In this zip file  is included the source code of this version that include the java files.

Currently, we are working on a second version that includes Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Set, you can download the beta version, you can find a case study of a problem here.

FLINTSTONES Technopark Version

Case study of problem.


Case study of problem.


Case study of problem.

We are currently working on the user guide, this will be available soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A set of dataset can be found in the section Data Set dataset as well as a set of videos and tutorials can be found in the section Tutorials and Videos dataset.