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AFRYCA (A FRamework for the analYsis of Consensus Approaches) is a research-oriented software framework, for the study of different Consensus Models proposed by a variety of authors in specialized literature. The main goal of consensus models is to provide support and guidelines for conducting Consensus Reaching Processes (CRPs), in the resolution of Group Decision Making (GDM) problems. The software provides some existing consensus models to allow the user to solve GDM problems by simulating a CRP. Moreover, its flexible and extendable architecture facilitates the integration of new consensus models developed a posteriori.

A background on the necessary theoretical aspects to understand the purpose of AFRYCA, can be found in the section What is AFRYCA?. A downloadable version of the framework and the libraries it utilizes, will be available at the section Software. In Documentation can be found all related documentation of the framework, including user guides, FAQ and tutorials.

AFRYCA has been developed by members of the research group on "Intelligent Systems based on Fuzzy Decision Analysis", Sinbad2 (University of Jaén, Spain), in collaboration with the research group on "Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems", SCI2S (University of Granada, Spain). For further information about us and contact detail, please visit the section About us.

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