How You Can Help

AFRYCA is a free software project in which anyone can collaborate. Whether you are an end-user, a researcher or a developer, there are many things you can do to collaborate with the project:

  • Add new features.
  • Report bugs.
  • Improve graphic design.
  • Translate the application to another language.
  • Collaborate with the integration of research results.
  • Using AFRYCA in your research and citing the framework when you disseminate your results.


Contact the team

You can contact the AFRYCA team by writing an email to or by using the site contact form. Site contact form has categories such as Feedback or Bug, which allow us to automatically send your query to the most appropriate person of the team.

If you wish to contact one of the team members directly, you can get their contact details by accessing the AFRYCA team page. On this page you can find a link to the personal page of each member.


Collaborate in development

AFRYCA uses git as its revision control system. The project is hosted in one of the GitLab servers of Sinbad² research group.

AFRYCA development process follows GitFlow development flow, being employed in the repository several types of branches:

  • master: Stable version.
  • develop: Version in development.
  • feature/xxx: Branch in which the xxx functionality is developed.
  • hotfix/xxx: Fix for xxx bug.

AFRYCA repository contains multiple projects with Eclipse plug-ins and Eclipse features. To learn how to configure the source code in your IDE, compile it or launch it, we refer you to the development guide.

It is possible to download versions of AFRYCA already compiled in the download section.

If you wish to collaborate as a project developer you can send us a patch file with the proposed changes. If your changes are accepted they will be integrated into the repository and you will be included as a collaborator on the team section.

If you want to be part of the project development team contact the AFRYCA team to request a development account in GitLab. If your request is approved you will receive your user account data and you will be included as a member on the team section.


Collaborate in research

AFRYCA born on the research group Sinbad² as a research tool that enabled them to channel some of their research results. If you are a researcher in this field, or your are interested in working on it, we would be pleased to work with you:

  • Proposing new models, techniques of analysis, visualization methods, etc.
  • Integrating existing research results in the framework.
  • Carrying out comparative studies between different models.
  • Adapting AFRYCA for its use in specific applications.