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Javier Andreu-Perez (PhD, MEng, BSc, HEA, EPSRC ACM, SMIEEE) is a Senior Talentia Fellow (Award) at the Intelligent Systems Based Fuzzy Decision Analysis, University of Jaen (Spain). He is also tenured Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Professor) and Chair of the Smart Health Technologies Group within the Centre for Computational Intelligence, University of Essex (UK). In the past he was postdoc researcher at Imperial College London (UK), Dept. Computing, where he was awarded best post-doc research. He has also been awarded grants at national and international level, including support from big IT corporations such as Amazon, Oracle, Nvidia. His research is within the field of Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence, that focus on the research and development of problem-driven disruptive Artificial Intelligence to be used for and to enhance humans. Most of his research have had major impact in the fields of digital health, neuro-engineering, and industrial informatics. His scientific backgrounds are in the field of bio-inspired artificial intelligence ranging from Neural Networks and Evolutionary systems from a soft-computing treatment. Beyond problem-solving and performance, and great deal of his research interest focus on addressing questions of transparency, autonomy, bias and responsibility of the foreseen intelligent system. As a result of his training and large experience collaborating with the industry, he is also acquainted of DevOps and full-stack developer skills to transform theoretical research to tangible goods or services.