An approach for natural noise management in recommender systems using fuzzy logic
Tipo de publicación: International Conference
Año de publicación: 2016
Autores: Raciel Yera
Director: Jorge Castro, Luis Martínez
Tipo: 12th International FLINS Conference
Editorial: World Scientific
Paginación: 99-104
ISBN Number: 978-981-3146-96-9
Resumen: Recommender Systems (RSs) are tools for suggesting items that match the preferences and interests for a target user. These systems require the elicitation of customers preferences, which is not always precise because of external factors such as human errors, uncertainty, or vagueness proper of human beings. In RSs, such a problem is known as natural noise (<em>NN</em>) and can bias negatively the recommendations, leading to poor users experience. The\&nbsp;<em>NN</em>\&nbsp;management has been addressed in previous works using crisp approaches. This contribution is devoted to a new fuzzy method for managing the uncertainty of\&nbsp;<em>NN</em>\&nbsp;in a exible and adaptable way for improving recommendations. A case study will show the improvements associated with the proposal.
DOI: 10.1142/9789813146976_0019