An initiative for the creation of open datasets within pervasive healthcare
Tipo de publicación: International Conference
Año de publicación: 2016
Autores: Chris Nugent
Director: Ian Cleland, Anita Santana, Macarena Espinilla, Jonathan Synnott, Oresti Banos, Jens Lundström, Josef Hallberg, Alberto Calzada
Tipo: PervasiveHealth 2016
Fecha de publicación: 16th Jun 2016
Resumen: In this paper issues surrounding the collection, annotation, management and sharing of data gathered from pervasive health systems are presented. The overarching motivation for this work has been to provide an approach whereby annotated data sets can be made readily accessible to the research community in an effort to assist the advancement of the state-of-the-art in activity recognition and behavioural analysis using pervasive health systems. Recommendations of how this can be made a reality are presented in addition to the initial steps which have been taken to facilitate such an initiative involving the definition of common formats for data storage and a common set of tools for data processing and visualization.\ 
DOI: 10.4108/eai.16-5-2016.2263830