Solidarity in Social Media: when users abandon their comfort zone - The Charlie Hebdo case
Tipo de publicación: National Journal
Año de publicación: 2015
Autores: Enrique Herrera-Viedma
Director: Juan Bernabé-Moreno, Carlos Porcel, María Angeles Martínez
Tipo: Icono 14
Volumen: 13
Paginación: 6-22
Numero ISSN: 1697-8293
Resumen: The fear of sharing information experiments a decrease as new generations start being active in Social Media platforms. Everybody behaves very homogeneously within their own community, following recurrent communication patterns. But when a tragic event shakes peoples minds, they feel the impulse to break these patterns and communicate their feelings to a bigger audience. In this paper, we analyse this phenomenon, dissecting the communication changes over time, identifying new patterns and discussing our findings in the context of a real scenario, namely the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack.