Analysis and design

FLINTSTONES has been developed as an Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Eclipse RCP) application that is a platform to build and deploy rich client applications developed by IBM and maintained by Eclipse Community.

The key value of Eclipse RCP is that allows to quickly developing professional applications with native look-and-feel on multiple platforms which can be easily extended, modified and reused. Eclipse RCP is based on a component-based architecture, which tries to solve some of the most common problems in software development such as reusing, maintaining, extending and modifying.

A detail description of the technical aspects is shown in the following sections. Currently, we are working to make a technical manual with all details.


An Eclipse RCP application consists of several Eclipse components, also called plug-ins, bundles or OSGi components. FLINTSTONES includes more than 15 components, which can be grouped into four basic types:

  • Libraries
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Methods
  • Operators


Package diagrams

The most important package diagrams of FLINTSTONES are shown in the following figures. Currently, we are working on a technical manual that will be available soon.

Package diagrams

Package diagrams

Package diagrams

Class diagrams

In this zip file, you can find diagrams of the most important classes of FLINTSTONES, the diagrams are shown in UML eXchange Format files of the Unified Modeling Language and imagenes files.

Classes included belong to the following packages:

  • mcdacw.dmp
  • mcdacw.valuation
  • mcdacw.aggregationoperator