Methods to increase student engagement in the subject computer science
Type of publication: International Conference
Year of publication: 2014
Authors: Luis Gonzaga Pérez
Director: Francisco Mata, Angel Luis García, Carmen Martínez-Cruz, Carlos Porcel
Type: 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Edulearn14, Barcelona, España
Editorial: IATED Academy
Pagination: 4449-4458
ISBN Number: 978-84-617-0557-3
Abstract: Teaching programming has always entailed special difficulties as students must acquire not only the basic programming concepts, but also the skills needed to be able to resolve a problem. In this contribution, we present our experiences with the subject Computer Sciences in the degree of Geomatics and Topography Engineering at the University of Jaén. This subject has an additional disadvantage since many times it is not seen as a tool for engineers, but as an obstacle that is not really needed. To smooth out these problems, we used different tools and methodologies such as having the material published beforehand or using wikis and concept maps to encourage the self-learning and collaboration. These tools and methodologies have let us improve the results obtained in the subject.