Computing with Words

The use of the linguistic approach involves the need of carrying out processes to operate with words, so-called Computing with Words (CW). Since the 70s, the concept of CW has been widely used in different research areas. CW is a methodology which allows carrying computing and reasoning process using words which belong to a human-related language, instead of numbers.

These processes have been conducted in Fuzzy Decision Making using different models:

  • Semantic Model: operations are performed using fuzzy arithmetic.
  • Symbolic Model: operations are performed directly on the indices of the linguistic labels.
  • Model based in linguistic 2-tuples: it operates in a linguistic expression domain, but treats it as a continuous domain, thus gaining more precise results. The used of the model based on 2-tuples has made possible adressing Decision Making Problems defined in complex contexts, not appropriate to address using classic models, due to their limitations.