Linguistic Decision Analysis

Linguistic Decision Analysis is used to help experts to make consistent decisions in Decision Making problems whose information is assessed by means of linguistic labels. In the practice, most of Decision Making problems consist of a group of experts who are asked for their knowledge about a group of alternatives, in order to select the best one/s.

Decision Analysis is not a theory to idealize about how people make their decisions in a totally rational way. Actually, there are some areas in psychology which show that people sometimes do not process the information and some other times, they make their decisions in an unconscious or incongruous way, despite the decision analysis process carried out. Therefore, decision analysis is not always used by decision makers when it comes to make their own decisions, but it is an useful tool for carrying out a methodical and analytic study which will helps to analyse the alternatives, indicators, of the element under study.

In our studies, we will use decision analysis in order to achieve the objectives in evaluation processes, since its results are perfectly suited to them.