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Special session: Fuzzy Sets and their Extensions Applied to Decision Making under Uncertainty, in the International Virtual Workshop of Business Analytics Eureka organized by Luis Martínez, Rosa Mª Rodríguez, Alvaro Labella. 2-4th June 2021, México.

Decision making is a common task related to intelligent and complex activities that take into account various types of risk and uncertainty in which human beings face situations. Nowadays, the structure of decision making models has grown inevitably and is significantly complex. Additionally unavailability data is compensated by using a number of assumptions as a means of dealing with uncertainty. Often, in such a complex decision situations under uncertain environments dealing with imprecise information, therefore different fuzzy based approaches have been developed and successfully applied to model and manage such uncertainties in decision making problems.

Both Decision Making and fuzzy modelled information have attracted much attention in which, novel mathematical foundations and new decision models raised to be applied in different decision fields such as large-scale group decision making, consensus reaching processes, evaluation processes, etc.

This invited session aims at providing an opportunity for researchers working in both research areas to discuss and to share their new ideas, original research results and practical experiences. More specifically, we expect you to have any contribution with the focus on the use of computing with words in decision making. Potential topics (but not limited) of this special session are as follows:
• Fuzzy modelling to represent preferences
• Fuzzy Multi-criteria decision making
• Fuzzy large-scale group decision making
• Soft consensus reaching models
• Fuzzy Decision Support Systems
• Applications such as, engineering evaluation, sensory evaluation, risk assessment, evaluation and recommendations and so on.