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Special session: Decision making under uncertainty: emerging topics and applications in the the 15th International FLINS conference and the 17th International ISKE conference, organized by Rosa Mª Rodríguez, Álvaro Labella, Luis Martínez. 26-28th August 2022, Tianjin (China)

Decision making is a common task related to intelligent and complex activities that take into account various types of risk and uncertainty in which human beings face situations in which a set of alternatives should be sorted, ranked or selected the best one. Nowadays, the structure of decision making models has grown inevitably and is significantly complex driving to decisions made by groups of experts (from few to a large scale). Moreover, unavailability data is compensated by using a number of assumptions as a means of dealing with uncertainty. To deal with uncertainty in decision making problems, different fuzzy methodologies and theories have been proposed in the literature, such as fuzzy sets, fuzzy linguistic approach, intuitionistic fuzzy sets, q-rung orthopair fuzzy
sets, hesitant fuzzy sets, hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets, type 2 fuzzy sets, etc., as well as a wide range of tools, operations and decision models have been proposed to cope with decision problems dealing with uncertainty. Nevertheless, the advances and the appearance of new challenges always imply novel mathematical foundations and new decision models to be applied in different decision fields dealing with uncertainty